About Laura

Welcome to everyone who was previously following Run Like A Girl on Blogger.

I’m Laura Dempsey.  I live outside Boston and have been running for roughly ten years.  I grew up in Southern Connecticut and moved to Boston in 1995 when I transferred to Regis College.

Ironically, I wasn’t a runner or even all that athletic growing up.  I didn’t play competitive sports with the exception of gymnastics classes and one unimpressive season of competing on a gymnastics team.  I think I tried track for a day in high school to do something a little different but I didn’t have the right running shoes or any motivation to learn about the sport so that didn’t last long at all.

I started running on a treadmill at my local gym and eventually ventured out to run by the Charles River.  I had never dreamed or felt an inclination to train for any sort of distance race but enjoyed adding a bit more time to each run and eventually lengthening the distance.  The first time I ran 5 miles was the summer of 2002 and I think I had to walk part of the way.  By the spring of the following year I had run my first half marathon and then my first marathon.  I was hooked and a decade later I haven’t stopped.

I’ve had injuries, disappointments and races I would like to pretend never happened.  I’ve also felt powerful adrenaline rushes, immense joy and overwhelming pride that more than makes it all worthwhile.  Running works for me because I find it simple.  The workout starts as soon as I walk out my door and can last as long or as short as I want.  I can run with a group or run on my own.  It keeps me fit, healthy and strong – both physically, mentally and sometimes even spiritually.

What pays the bills?
I do public education for the New England Organ Bank.  Organ and Tissue donation is an important issue to me and something I’m passionate about.  From time to time my posts will discuss my work and why it’s so important to register to be an organ and tissue donor.

Who is Brittany?
In January of 2011 I adopted a dog from Forever Home Rescue New England.  People are always asking me what breed she is and never satisfied with the answer – she’s a mutt.  She has gorgeous white/ red fur, a tail that looks like a feather duster and enormous ears.  I’m crazy about this animal and making the commitment to caring for a dog was one of the best decisions I have ever made.   Unfortunately, she has not taken to running with me as quickly as I had hoped.   She is significantly more interested in sniffing, chasing geese and stalking squirrels than focusing on the road.  I have not given up so look forward to the trials and tribulations of this challenge.

What do you when you’re not running, working or chasing your mutt?

Um…sleeping?  Otherwise, I have a great network of friends made up of both runners and people who tolerate runners.  My family is still in CT and I visit them often.  They have been incredibly supportive of my races from the beginning and have been there to cheer me on as often as possible.   I love clothes and shopping.  I LOVE television and feel free to judge but I’m obsessed with General Hospital.  I do yoga 2-3 times a week and learning to really like it.

Through the years and the miles I’ve learned a great deal about my sport and myself.  This blog will share some of those thoughts while having some fun along the way.   I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment or contact me.

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