Staying Strong and Healthy

Inner Strength Yoga Studio – To be honest my favorite thing about this studio is that its literally steps from my door BUT I would be a

Cranberry Sprint Tri

regular even if it wasn’t.  The heated vinyasa classes are for all experience levels and the staff is great.  My favorite class is led by Rebecca Pacheco, aka Om Gal.  Stop by and ask to try it out – tell them I sent ya!

Active Release Therapy – Runners are often plagued with overuse injuries and many of them come in the form of adhesion and scar tissue build up which won’t allow our muscles to work properly.  Google Active Release Therapy to learn more.  I have found the treatment incredibly effective to stay healthy and injury free.  Here in Boston I go to Khalsa Chiropractic in Cambridge.

Massage – I didn’t get regular sports massages until about three years ago and I have no idea how I survived without it.  Some of my favorite massage therapists in the Boston area are Sarah Coletti at XtremeTeamWorks (good luck getting an appointment but she’s worth the wait), Sam Peck at Soarbody in Somerville or if you are on a budget and have limited time head to an Elements Massage.  If you have never experienced a sports massage, be prepared – it’s nothing like a Swedish massage, it hurts like hell and you’ll feel way better when its over.

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