Blogs I Love

Here are some of my favorite reads from the blogosphere:


Miles With Style – Ali is a new marathoner and great source of inspiration for training

Little Miss Runshine – Jessica is a fellow Boston runner/ yoga/ fitness enthusiast.  Her commitment to healthy living is impressive

The T-Rex Runner – Danielle has a goal of running a marathon in every state.

Shut Up + Run – Beth writes the funniest running blog I have read thus far.

The Hungry Runner Girl – Janae blogs about running, fitness and food.  I would also blog about food if I thought people would want to hear about what brand of cereal I had for dinner last night.

Lifestyle/ Misc.

The Real Full House – Truly compelling blog primarily written by ‘Danny’, a single father of three who lost his wife to cancer.   As sad as that sounds he is very funny.

New York Cliche – Super fun blog about a young woman figuring out life in NYC.

They Milly & Grace Girls – Milly & Grace is one of my favorite Nantucket boutiques.  This lifestyle blog is written by store owner Emily Hollister and her sister Allison and Caroline Ott.  They’re funny, fashionable and always up on the latest trends.

Don’t Put Chopsticks in Your Hair – Mimi moved from Japan to the US as a high school student.  Now married (to an American) and raising a daughter she shared her hysterical observations of her very different cultures.

Puppy Love

Rescued Insanity – Great blog about training and loving rescue dogs (or any dogs for that matter)

Mutt Stuff – Melissa McCue- McGrath is a gifted dog trainer who was part of Brittany’s training.  She gives great training advice with the humor necessary when working with dogs.

Paws Abilities – Another great dog training blog

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