Photos: Copley Square Marathon Memorial and Boston Public Library Memorial Exhibit

On April 27, 2013 I went for a run that took me from Heartbreak Hill (where I was when I learned about the marathon bombings) to Copley Square in Boston and back.  At Copley Square the group I was with took some time to look around at the memorial that was formed near the finish line as a tribute to the race, those who died or were injured in the attacks and to honor our city.





In June, the memorial was dismantled and everything was brought to the Boston City Archives for safe keeping.  To mark the anniversary of the attack selected items have been displayed at a Boston Public Library exhibit, Dear Boston: Messages from the Marathon Memorial.  A week before the 2014 Boston Marathon a visited the exhibit.




These memorial crosses are exhibited pretty much exactly as they were at the Copley Memorial


Many runners left there shoes at the memorial to show the unity of the Boston running community.


I love this particular image. This lyric from Grateful Dead’s Shakedown Street is just perfect.


‘Lace up your shoes and run for those who can’t’



Visitors were encouraged to write messages and hang them on the branches.


This was a slide show of notes left at the memorial. The most touching were those left by children who so deeply felt for our city.


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